For Children

I believe children are our greatest sages. We need to foster their natural curiosity, openness and awe.

As kids grow older and move more into life, they start to protect, reign-in and close certain expressions of themselves.

Sometimes this is important for their survival, but so is opening back up. And we need to offer kids the tools through which to do this. I do this by combining yoga, meditation, contemplation and play.

Are you a parent looking for a consciously-themed birthday party? Or an events-manager looking for someone who can host a workshop for kids?

Are you simply a mom or dad looking for something to get you through a harder afternoon?

Price Indications: 

Workshop 45 min -> 90 euros
Workshop 60 min -> 120 euros
Personalised tips and tools -> from 15 euros onwards

Contact me to talk about how I can be of service!

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