In my hand sits a soft white lacy bit of string.

I tug at it gently and realise there's a certain magnitude to it.

My gaze lifts and catches the long string of bright yellow balloons, softly swaying as I tug.

They reach as far as my eyes can go up up up towards the infinite greatness of the universe. 

I close my eyes and my hand falls silent. 

I listen with intent. 

The balloons softly whisper of a voice, a hand at the other end. 

It's a voice that warms my heart and sets my cells dancing, whirling. 

If only I could bounce, one balloon to the next,

I know that I'd find you at the other end. 

Holding a soft white lacy bit of string. 

Asking me to play. 

I rejoice with delight. 

I know these balloons with lift me when I'm weighed down. Hold me when I falter. Tease me when I've forgotten how to laugh. 

And always, always guide me back home.

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