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I am a growth seeker, a spontaneous story-maker, a deep-hearted soul. I believe that the only way to save our bruised and battered earth and each other is to stop raging the war inside. Conscious business, parenting, relating and living starts with birthing deep introspection. Everything I offer is about uncovering your deeper why’s, desires and longings. I have always seen the magic that lives inside people. The seed of creativity, inspiration, purpose and belonging. I don’t believe life is skin deep and so I am less interested in what’s on the superficial levels of life. I believe strongly in self-agency and the day-to-day choice to make of our lives what we want, regardless of where we have come from. Call me an idealist, an optimist, call me naive; but I believe we all have the ability to connect to a deeper strength inside than most have ever known. A strength from which anything is possible.  

Smiling Mind, Melbourne, Australia - Content Developer online Mindfulness Program for children and adolescents.

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Hospital das Clínicas, São Paulo, Brazil - Neuroscience Research into the recognition of facial emotions in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

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São Paulo

Headspace, London, UK - Freelance Researcher and review writer for one of the world’s most powerful and wonderful meditation companies in the world.

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Ikify, Utrecht, The Netherlands - Content developer for an ambitious, conscious start-up out to help young mums experience more joy, peace and wellbeing amidst their busy lives.

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Tara, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Meditation developer for a collaboration of tantra teachers, sex coaches and product designers out to revolutionize the world of sex and intimacy.

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Wearhouses, Noordwijk, The Netherlands - Art design for a creative, connected entrepreneur and jewelry maker out to bring Amsterdam’s finest jewels (its canal houses) to wrists, fingers, ears and necks everywhere.

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James Tutton
“Eveline is a wonderful person and has deep knowledge of mindfulness and meditation. She has a great ability to work with entrepreneurs to help make their vision a reality. I can’t really speak more highly of her!” 

Ronald Zwartkruis
In my 20 years of entrepreneurship Eveline has been one of my best and most appreciated professionals. The first two years I worked with her at NETQ Healthcare we built the company from scratch: a great duo built on synergy. Her innovative and open way of thinking, her strong analytical skills, her embodiment of Work Hard, Play Hard and her capacities to build trust with customers and partners enabled my company to grow rapidly. Eveline is able to build relationships with both practical pragmatic people as well as with hard-core research driven professionals.

Want to help me put more countries on the map? I’d love to hear how can I can help you birth your creative, innovative business idea!

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